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6 min read coupon codes - turkey travelIstanbul is indisputably one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. The influx of the tourists into this epic and heritage city has positively impacted on the growth of the hospitality industry. You get impressed by the hotels’ and resorts’ quality in this city. But which are the best hotel in Istanbul? In this article, we’ll discuss the best hotels in Istanbul based on travellers’ choice.

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Be inspired to travel this magnificent city with our choices for the 10 Istanbul hotels.

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1. Senatus suites

Also known as the Millennium Hotel Istanbul, Senatus is indeed a gem worth experiencing. It’s located in Sultanahmet, which a popular tourist destination. What makes the hotel stand out from the rest is the quality of their services and amenities. Their family rooms can accommodate a large family. The rooms are air conditioned, and visitors are provided with free WiFi. You will also be offered free parking, laundry services, shuttle bus services and babysitting. The hotel’s architecture represents the best in Turkish traditional. Senatus suites’ price ranges from $100-$400, which makes it extremely affordable for most.

2. White House Hotel Istanbul

White House Hotel Istanbul has awed the hearts of many travelers to take the second position in our list. The hotel’s quality of service is outstanding.

The hotel has been reviewed with five stars by more than three thousand customers. The hotel is located within walking distance to main attraction sites such as Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and many others. It is a 4-star hotel and its friendly price range of $51-$187 for an average room makes it budget-friendly as well. The quality and variety of their cuisines are incredible.

3. Walton Hotel Galata

Located in Bohemian Galata, this 4-star hotel came in at #3 this year. Walton hotel has invested heavily in the quality of the hospitality services and amenities over the recent years, being in a century-old building also gives it an authentic look that attracts many travelers. It has an impressive capacity of 27 rooms which are readily affordable to many. At an average price range of $45-$161 for a standard room, it is indeed among the most affordable hotels. You will enjoy a broad spectrum of amenities including air conditioned rooms, free internet among others.

4. Hotel Amira Istanbul

This boutique hotel is located at the center of the Istanbul city giving it a strategic positioning. Neighboring some of the remarkable attraction sites such as the great Hagia Sophia, the Imperial Topkapi Palace, and many others. It is indeed one of the best places to stay while in Istanbul. The offer 32 spaciously designed rooms at a price range of $49-$101 for a standard room. It makes the hotel one of the most affordable place to stay in this historic city. It is a 4* hotel, and the quality of their amenities including free WiFi, fitness center with gym, Spa among others is top notch.

5. Osmanhan Hotel

Though it is a 3* hotel, Osmanhan Hotel has remained viciously competitive to book a top slot on this list. Its affordability and quality of their services have been noted as the one reason many travelers would book it again. With a price range of $36-$79 for a standard room, Osmanhan is indeed one of the most affordable hotels at the heart of the city. It is not crowded with only 7 rooms available. You will enjoy air-conditioned rooms, free high-speed internet, bus shuttle services as some of their services among many others.

6. Sirkeci Mansion

Located just next to Topkapi Palace, it is one place that you will love spending time. The hotel is at the center of Istanbul and provides a magnificent view of this beautiful city. A majority of the tourists’ attractions are just a walking distance. You will be amazed by the revolutionary approach to their décor and design- it is an incredible fusion of the ancient and the 21st century. Their hospitality service and a variety of cuisines will never get you disappointed. It is a 4.5* with a huge capacity of 52 rooms. You can easily afford a standard room at a range $75-$308 at this hotel. The quality of their amenities is indisputably one of the best in Istanbul.

7. Nerion Hotel

If you want to experience the best part of Istanbul, then Nerion Hotel should be your choice place to stay. It is strategically located to provide the travelers with the best that Istanbul can offer. The 4* hotel is indeed one of the largest hotels in the city based on capacity. With 53 readily available and affordable modern guest rooms, it is the perfect place for a group of travelers. With a price range of $64-$140, you can afford a standard room at this hotel. You will enjoy top-notch amenities including swimming pool, massage spa, cultural library among others at friendly cost.

8. Tomtom Suites

Situated in The Old Franciscan House, Tomtom provides an incredible combination of authentic ancient and 21st-century designs. The building is a great piece of historic structure that dates more than 150 years of existence. The terraces remain as they were back then giving a panoramic view and nostalgic outlook of the old town. It has a 20 room capacity. At a price range of $87-$185 for a standard room, it is one of the most affordable hotels in this place. Apart from affordability and amazing features of the hotel, quality and variety of their amenities are another reason many travelers like Tomtom Suites.

9. Raffles Istanbul

raffles istanbul - best hotels in istanbul
Raffles is one of the largest 5-star hotels in the heart of Istanbul. With an 185 room capacity, the hotel can hold a huge number of visitors at once. Located in Besiktas, Raffles prides itself as one of the luxurious and affordable places for your stay in this magnificent city. With a price range of $259-$449 as an average rate for a standard room, you can afford a nice room in this hotel. The quality of their hospitality services and amenities is worth every dollar you spend at Raffles.

10. Witts Istanbul Suites

The hotel location is just a walking distance from Istanbul’s, buzzing bars, entertainment joints, business district, and modern museums. This makes it easy and cheap for visitors to enjoy the beauty of this city. The 4.5* hotel has a 17 suite capacity making it perfect for privacy and tranquility, especially for young couples. The suites are spacious and affordable with a cost range of $94-$151 for a standard room. It is the bathrooms of these suites that make them special. You will also enjoy a wide variety of hotel’s amenities.

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