How Coupon Code Websites Can Help You Travel Light

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11 Tips for Traveling Light

If you have ever spent time lugging a heavy suitcase through the airport or dragging your bag around a strange city, you understand the dangers of packing too much stuff. When you got back from that trip, you probably vowed to do better next time, shedding the stuff you did not need and packing as light as possible.

Packing light does not have to mean jettisoning the essentials or arriving without the things you need. If you are smart about packing, you can enjoy your trip without the heavy suitcase, or the hassle of dragging it all over town.

Here are 11 tips for packing light without sacrificing your comfort or fun.

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– You can use technology to pack even lighter than before. We’ve found that if you leave your vital information online, then you can access it at any time, in your new location. Example? How about setting up your itinerary on a quick WordPress blog. All you need is an internet connection, and then you don’t have to carry it around with you. Phone numbers for tour operators? Just put them on your own blog and you don’t have to think about them anymore.

Setting up a quick website isn’t hard. All you need is to register a domain with a place like GoDaddy. And if you use a coupon code, it’ll cost you less than $12/year:


. Call ahead to see what is provided. There is no sense bringing things that will be waiting for you at the hotel, so call ahead and find out which toiletries and essentials are included in the cost of the room.

Now, How Expedia Promo Codes Can Help:

expedia promo code - coupons. Limit the size of your luggage. It is hard to overpack when your suitcase space is limited, so choose the smallest piece of luggage you can. A rolling backpack works well for lightweight travel. It is easy to transport, and the various sections make packing light much easier. Some coupon code websites will give you promo codes for free luggage (here’s a quick example: You can also check some booking websites to bid on rooms. If you get a fancier room that includes extra amenities, then that is less items that you need to bring.

. Schedule an arrival trip to the local drug store. Instead of cramming your suitcase full of space-wasting items, schedule a post-arrival trip to a local drug store or discount retailer. In just a few minutes, you can buy what you need and get on with your trip.

. Pack clothes that do double duty. You do not have to wear the same clothes day after day to pack light, but you do need to choose items that can do double duty. A sleek black button-down shirt will look great with a pair of jeans and a stylish pair of khakis, and there are countless other examples of these double-duty wardrobe components.

Here’s a quick video explaining how to pack clothes:

. Lay out everything you plan to pack, then do some strategic trimming. Do you really need three pairs of jeans, or will a single pair do the trick? Will that extra shirt really enhance your trip, or just take up extra space in your carry-on bag?

. Pack your socks and underwear inside your shoes, freeing up extra space in your bag. Just ball up these essentials and roll them neatly into your shoes.

. Tuck an empty day bag into your main suitcase. You can use the day bag to cart around the essentials while you travel, and pack it full of souvenirs for the journey home.

. Forgo the bulky guidebooks and opt for digital versions instead. Just download those travel guides, local maps and other electronic essentials to your tablet or smartphone before you take off for your trip.

. Choose clothes that wick moisture and are easy to clean. That way you can quickly wash your soiled wardrobe items and wear them again.

. Remember that traveling should be fun, not exhausting. You will regret packing too heavy, but not packing too light. If you forget something, you can always buy it locally.

Traveling can be a lot of fun, but lugging a huge suitcase around is anything but. Whether you are heading out for a weekend jaunt or taking off for a week-long vacation, packing light will make your trip more fun and give you more energy for sightseeing.

– limit the size of your luggage, schedule a trip to the local drug store for toiletries, pack clothes that do double duty,

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